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The game Bora Bora set up and ready to play.

The Power of Games

When I first started Board Simple several years ago, I just wanted to help people play games. I wanted to help people get started so they could have fun and enjoy themselves. The deeper I got into the process, the more I realized that games had far more value and uses, than just entertainment. I realized that games could also be used to help people develop and hone several important life skills.

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A Pile of Rule Books

The Role of the Rules

One of my earliest memories of playing board games was playing the game of Life with my sister. It was somewhat rare for us to get along for long periods of time, but we could put aside our sibling rivalries for an afternoon of Life. We loved the game. It was our chance to pretend we were older, when getting older was still desirable. We loved getting married and getting to put another little peg in the passenger seat of the tiny plastic car.

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A Stack of Dice

The Evolution of Board Simple

If you are one of the few people that have followed Board Simple since the time of its conception, there’s one thing you can confirm, Board Simple has gone through a lot of changes. With each change came lessons, and a deeper appreciation for the power that games can hold in our lives. The Early Days In the early days, Board Simple was far less simple. In fact, I kind of laugh now at how complicated the process was for a site called Board Simple.

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